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Healthy Tips for a Healthy You

Work life balance, a myth or reality?
Are you living life with balance? Do you find more of your time and energy go into work life? Is there much vitality left for fun, family, and friends? 
The advent of technology keeps employees connected to work and blurs boundaries. How often are you home and answering emails or texting notes to colleagues? All too often couples complain, "Even when he/she is home the focus is on work. And I resent that!" Co-workers, bosses, and clients expect you to be available--whenever! This negative spillover from work-to-family can cause undue stress, resentment and prevent you from living a balanced life. 




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Sexual Well-Being

Sexual Problems that can Arise with Aging

Aging effects many body systems. Sexual energy, performance, and desire are a few of the elements discussed, but aging is not a sexual-death-sentence. To sustain your well-being consider the many options available to you and remember to let a sense of "playfulness" and "exploration" be at the heart of your sexual spirit!

~ Dona

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Don't let the hot flashes wear you out. This book offers additional strategies to help you become more resilient!

Managing Menopause Beautifully

In this breakthrough book, Dona Caine-Francis offers a reader-friendly primer on everything women need to know to remain physically, emotionally, and sexually vibrant before, during and after menopause.

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